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Why Penistone Karate

professional - rewarding - fun
Sensei John Tumman
7th Dan
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The coach at Penistone Karate Centre - Sensei Jon Chapman, has been with the Shindo Kai Karate Association for many years. Jon holds the grade of 5th Dan and has always run a professional club. His standards are very high and he has produced some fantastic students over the years - a credit to his coaching skills. His club comes highly recommended from myself, the chief instructor of the association.
Mark Tinsdeall
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Me and my son started karate just over 4 years ago, mostly as something we could do together but also as a way of me keeping fit (I'm in my 50s). We both loved it from the start and now karate has become part of our life. We train together every week and have taken all of our gradings together - sharing the successes and occasional setbacks. Sensei Jon is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and he knows exactly how to get the best out of people regardless of age or ability. He has the knack of making every session challenging and disciplined but still fun - which is not easy, particularly with younger kids! The variety of classes through the week works really well as it caters for different levels (from beginners to high grades) and interests (fighting, kata, fitness). We recently gained our black belts which has been one of the most challenging and satisfying experiences of my life. Watching my son throughout that journey gaining new skills, self discipline and confidence has been an absolute pleasure. He is now enjoying teaching other students, and like many of Jon's students, he's keen to put something back into the club and the sport. That, for me, is one of the great strengths of the club. There is great camaraderie and everyone is determined to help others to achieve their best. I would encourage anyone to come down and give it a try. The first session is free so what have you got to lose?
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Two of my children and I have been attending Penistone Karate Club for over a year now and we thoroughly enjoy every session. No two classes are the same, and as well as learning new skills, we have all noticed an improvement in our fitness. If you’re looking for an interesting, challenging and rewarding activity, this is definitely one to consider!
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Both our children have trained at Penistone Karate Centre for about four years. They are always keen to train & have worked hard to improve, & take part in competitions & team events. Karate has improved their confidence, concentration & determination. We would definitely recommend Sensei Jon & his team - tonnes of experience & most importantly, plenty of patience!
Heather Tudor
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My daughter joined Penistone Karate Centre nearly two years ago and she loved it from the first week. She’s continued to be enthusiastic about going every week and learning the katas. The classes are the right mix of experienced teaching and fun. The skills she has learned along with the structure of progression has given her confidence and motivation. There are some great role models at the class and a really positive attitude. Because my daughter enjoyed it so much my son has also joined - although they have very different learning styles, he also enjoys the classes. Jon is a very dedicated teacher providing lessons every day of the week, the flexibility to attend on different days makes it easier to make sure the kids can go every week. I’d recommend Penistone Karate Centre for boys and girls of any age!
Bella age 11
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I really enjoy learning the katas and grading! I have only just done my first competition - although I will need to do lots more in order to get my next belt. I really missed karate when I had my appendix out and couldn’t go for six weeks - I hated not being able to do it. I also would love to one day make it to black belt. Sensei Jon teaches us in a way that is easy to understand and he is very supportive. We sometimes get to play dodge mitt at the end of class which is really good fun.


mind - body - soul

Increase Your

Strength - Coordination - control
Penistone Karate Centre karate chop clipart

To build strength

With regular training you will tone all muscle groups of your body resulting in greater strength throughout.

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Improve your coordination

A well organised training structure helps to increase your coordination and speed!

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Fix your mindset

It is not just the physical side of the body that gets a workout, your mindset changes with greater concentration and fast decision making.

Penistone Karate Centre healthy lungs clipart

Improve your lungs

Breathing to a structure helps to increase your lung capacity - as you control your breathing, you will find you become less breathless in everyday tasks.

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Flexible manoeuvres

The key to flexibility is to warm up, stretch safely and cooldown, without causing damage to ligaments, muscle and tissues. We use modern techniques to train safely.

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Improve your heart pace

Our heart is a muscle - with regular training you will notice a calmness within your body as your mindset reacts to the lowering of your resting heart rate.

Penistone Karate Centre

black belt clipart penistone karate centre

"A black belt has failed more times than the novice has ever tried"

Do you wish you could be a BLACK BELT in Karate? Believe in yourself and we can help you achieve your life goals!