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“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be!”

Penistone Karate Centre Jon Chapman 5th Dan

Jon Chapman

Sensei Black belt 5th Dan

Back in the 1980’s Ged and John Tumman began to teach Shindo Kai Karate in the Penistone Leisure Centre. I decided to start training with them in 1999 when I moved to Penistone, and I was the proud owner of my black belt just five years later. At the time, my Sensei was looking to retire so I eventually took over from him. In 2017 I opened my own dojo, Penistone Karate Centre, welcoming children and adults of all ages and abilities who wanted to learn the disciplined art of karate.
Myself and my fellow instructors are all members of Shindo Kai Karate Association which is still run by Sensei’s Ged and John Tumman.

Sensei-Emma Stead black-belt 3rd Dan Penistone Karate centre

Emma Stead

Sensei Black belt 3rd Dan

I was 14 when I first started karate at Penistone Sports Centre. It was a sport that I’d really wanted to try for years, so in 1993 I made my way to my first lesson with my younger brother in tow for moral support! Six years later, I was the proud owner of a black belt!
I’ve been helping Jon since he opened his club in Thurgoland in 2006, and I’ve been so pleased to see karate continue to thrive in the Penistone area. I love the sense of achievement I feel seeing students of all ages and abilities progress through the belts and reach their own personal goals.

Trevor Mann Black Belt 2nd Dan- penistone karate centre

Trevor Mann

Sensei black belt 2nd DAN

I was never into sports at school so I was a bit nervous when a few friends of mine suggested that we try out karate. Surprisingly, I took to it straight away! I passed my first grading in 1974 training under Sensei Eddie de Roeck, and by August 1983, I had passed my 1st Dan black belt with chief instructor Sensei Shiro Asano 7th Dan.
In 1985 after moving to Penistone, I started training with Sensei’s John and Ged Tummon at Barnsley Wado Kai Karate, later to become Shindo Kai Karate association. Since then, I have taught hundreds of students alongside Sensei Phil Newing and now Sensei Jon Chapman at the Penistone Karate club.
In 2006 I was very proud to be awarded my 2nd Dan. I hope I can continue to train many more students and hope that they will enjoy Karate as much as I have over the years.

Sensei Don Pearson Black Belt 1st Dan

Don Pearson

Sensei black belt 2nd Dan

At the ripe old age of 47, I decided to take up Karate so that I could train with my daughter. 18 years later, I’m still training! Karate is great for maintaining my flexibility and fitness, and I love being able to teach young people the art too. I get a real sense of satisfaction from seeing people develop by helping them to increase their confidence and self discipline.
Training at Penistone Karate Centre is not only tons of fun, but it also teaches valuable skills whilst maintaining fitness. I recommend this centre for children and adults of all ages.

sensei Georgia Andrews 2nd Dan

Georgia Andrews

Sensei Black belt 2nd DAN

I’ve been doing karate for 12 years now and I’m the proud owner of a black belt. I first began karate to improve my confidence and to learn how to defend myself. It’s been great for keeping me fit and healthy!
Everyone at Penistone Karate club is friendly – our team are amazingly helpful and supportive which has been especially helpful for me as I have epilepsy.
The fact that I have a second dan black belt just goes to show that I have overcome a lot with the help from the amazing people from our club.

Sensei (Sen-Say)

a teacher of karate

sensei is a teacher of the Japanese martial arts. … A teacher or sensei is someone who is knowledgeable, proficient and experienced enough to competently instruct others.

Kata (Ka-Tah)

A Combination of movements

Kata is a Japanese word describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements practised either solo, in pairs or a group.
In Japanese, it can be written as

Gi (Gee- like key)

Karate suite

A karate gi is a lightweight two piece (usually white) garment worn by martial-art participants, loose fitting with wrap around jacket, secured with a cloth belt (Obi). The colour of each belt shows the grade each pupil has attained.



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Our story

Penistone Karate about us
Jon Chapman Sensei 5th DAN

In the 1980s karate started in Penistone this was held in the leisure centre, offering training once a week then eventually twice a week.
In 1999 I moved to Penistone and started my karate training,  5 years later I achieved my black belt.
Eventually, I took over from my sensei who wanted to retire.
In 2017 I opened my dojo at our new permanent premises and now teach every weekday.

Our style of karate is Wado Ryu and we are all members of Shindo Kai Karate Association which is still run by the original instructors of Penistone Karate, father and son Ged and John Tumman.

We use a grading system of coloured belts to recognise the different stages of your karate progress, different styles of karate have different colour belts for their grading system but all start as a white belt and end with the one belt everyone aims for the black belt.