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Jon Chapman Sports Massage now available

Whether you’re an avid sports player or are struggling with aches and pains from prolonged poor posture, sports massage treatments can be highly beneficial.

From treating muscular skeletal injuries to increasing muscle condition and flexibility, our treatments can help you enhance your performance.

Proven to release and reduce tension in muscles, sports massage is highly beneficial to promote recovery and reduce the chances of muscle injury. Alongside this, it’s also proven to increase circulation and helps to remove waste products within the body (like lactic acid).

Jon Chapman Sports Massage

Helping with a variety of injuries, muscle aches, and chronic pain, Jon’s extensive knowledge and expertise spans treatments including:

Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Myofascial Release
Muscle Energy Technique
Micro Current Technology
Taping for sports and pain relief
Dry Cupping 

Based within Carmen Hancock Chiropody in Darfield, Jon is now taking bookings for all treatments.

Call on 01226 759 660 to book your appointment and discover how Jon can help you today.

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